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The power of true integration

Stop trying to get multiple systems to integrate with each other. HansaWorld solutions are created to work together straight from the box.

Get access to a platform that allows you to run your most important business operations from a single integrated system and also features several advanced tools


Retail & POS

HansaWorld’s Standard ERP features a streamlined Point of Sale (POS) module for retail efficiency. It offers real-time reporting, detailed financial insights, and CRM integration for precise customer tracking and targeted marketing. Seamlessly integrated, it manages all retail aspects in one platform, minimizing the need for third-party systems. The user-friendly interface covers cashier operations, online orders, and more, with cloud services supporting external payment systems and loyalty programs. The system allows real-time tracking of transactions and inventory across multiple locations, with an offline feature for uninterrupted sales recording. Standard ERP streamlines sales processes, enhancing productivity and supporting informed decision-making.


Standard ERP offers a comprehensive solution for hotel management, integrating front desk, reservations, inventory, online booking, and more into a single application. Its intuitive interface allows easy management of reservations across multiple locations, with real-time room availability and drag-and-drop allocation. The system supports real-time web reservations through its Webshop feature, and seamless integration with popular booking sites like Expedia and Standard ERP’s workflow overview helps track room cleaning and maintenance tasks, while its touch screen Point of Sale system streamlines restaurant operations. These features provide efficient management of hospitality establishments within a unified system, reducing data entry, enhancing visibility, and optimizing guest experiences.


Standard ERP provides efficient tools for managing manufacturing and assembly processes, including production orders, bills of materials, and material requirements planning. It operates in a demand-driven environment, allowing real-time monitoring of work in progress and cost management. The system uses Recipes to control raw materials, subassemblies, resources, and production duration for finished goods. It tracks changing inventory levels and automates functions for Just-In-Time Production, including advance purchases and scheduling from sales orders. Machines are managed in the Assets module, enabling detailed data and accounting control. Production Orders streamline scheduling and allocation, offering manual overrides when necessary. Standard ERP ensures control over the entire manufacturing process, maximizing resource utilization and optimizing production capacity.

Rental and Asset Management

Standard ERP offers a comprehensive solution for the rental and hire industries, integrating invoicing, accounts, and various business tasks. Its features include graphical scheduling, asset depreciation, maintenance tracking, and CRM integration. Rental agreements are easily managed, with support for invoicing terms and automatic printing of terms and conditions. The system allows efficient asset allocation, preparation, inspection, and handles off-hires, collections, and swaps seamlessly. It supports multiple locations, enabling wide-area networking and inventory control across branches. Standard ERP also automates serial number assignment and offers various depreciation models integrated into accounts.

Project Management

Standard ERP offers powerful Project Management tools, seamlessly integrating project management, job costing, and accounting processes. It supports construction and professional services industries, allowing detailed project tracking, phase-based invoicing, and real-time reporting. The system enables pipeline management, generating new job numbers from quotation details. With flexibility in invoice settings and precise project progress tracking, Standard ERP provides accurate, real-time information for comprehensive project oversight, from planning and costing to budgeting.