Clasen Business Solutions, Inc.

Even small businesses have big needs, right?

SMARTBOOKS is based on world-class accounting system practices. It is designed to suit the accounting needs of small businesses. It includes BIR Reports with Excel, PDF and Dat File Formats.

We have put together all the best functionalities of tried and tested accounting solutions into one cloud accounting software that is – SMARTBOOKS.

Features that help you run your business

Financials & Accounting

  • Generate Balance Sheet and Profit-and-Loss Statement
  • Inquire about any account over any period
  • Post transactions automatically without undergoing a separate process
  • Generate BIR Reports
  • Other features include: producing journal narratives, posting journals to any number of periods and reversal of journal entries

Inventory Management​

  • Maintain unlimited number of warehouses and stock quantities.
  • Set selling prices, even for specific branches or individual customers.
  • Manually maintain standard costs or automatically determine weighted average costs.
  • Other features include: allowing the invoicing, pricing and costing of dummy service or stock items without recording them, maintaining maximum and minimum stock level quantities and unlimited user-define fields specific to each inventory category for additional important information required to be stored item.

Sales & Distribution

  • Enter and maintain customer orders and reference back to the order numbers.
  • Invoice orders directly with little or no additional input.
  • Give the user informations and options on inventory location.
  • Present a full analysis of outstanding balance and aging of receivables.
  • Other features include: showing transactions settled at any given month or outstanding transactions, calculating discounts across a range of products, viewing sequence of invoices, credit notes & receipts entered in the transaction inquiries & processing collection applied to specific invoice.


  • Covers complete procurement cycle from PO generation to goods receiving.
  • Show comprehensive subsidiary ledger on supplier’s account.
  • Show an aged listing of accounts payable balances.
  • Enable payment run to create payment transactions.


Better deals. Better features. Better Accounting Experience.


1,499 / month
  • 1 user subscription
  • standard service modules
  • up to 5 branches
  • 1GB max DB size


1,999 / month
  • 1 user subscription
  • standard modules + inventory
  • up to 5 branches
  • 1GB max DB size


18,999 / month
  • 10 user subscription
  • standard modules + inventory
  • up to 10 branches
  • 3GB max DB size
  • semi-private server


71,999 / month
  • 50 user subscription
  • standard modules + inventory
  • unlimited branch setup
  • 5GB max DB size
  • private server
  • priority deployment & support