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Philippine working visa

Investing in the Philippines is one thing and working legally here is quite another matter altogether. This is where CBSI can help you extensively, having gained the experience to do this expeditiously. A Philippines Pre-arranged Employment Visa (9g) is a working visa that allows employers/proprietors [in the Philippines] to employ foreign nationals with skills, qualifications and experience that may be in short supply in the Philippines.

Our Process

What will be the process of getting the Visa?

Provide registration forms and list of requirements to clients

Assist client in preparation of forms and completing the requirements

Process and complete the registration

Deliver permits/licenses to the client

Where we process

We process to the following government offices

Gather documents and apply for Temporary Working Permit at Bureau of Immigration

Submit applications to Department of Labor and Employment for Alien Employment Permit (AEP)

Upon approval by DOLE, submit to the Immigration for schedule of interview and payment of fees

Wait for the approval of the Bureau of Immigration.

Release of Icard and Passport Stamp

Note: Processing will take about four months. Secure necessary exit clearance if there will be a plan of going outside the country before the approved Icard and Visa will come out.

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